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Your Texas Conference of Seventh-day Adventist Stewardship and Planned Giving and Trust Services team and website are here to advance the Lord's work by providing:  

1) estate planning INFORMATION

2) estate planning DOCUMENT PREPARATION and


We strive to empower members, pastors, churches, and schools in our territory to share the gospel message with their friends and communities.  

We aim to provide the latest, relevant information regarding estate planning.  This free resource is for all who visit!  So spread the word and experience the joy of giving estate planning information! #ExperienceTheJoyOfGiving 

East Texas Stewards: Cheryl and David

After they married Cheryl and David found employment in Marshall, Texas.  When it was time to buy a home, there were few options so they turned to God in prayer.  They asked God to expand their family and provide a home where they could serve Him.

First, God helped them find land that was just the right size.  David shares, "we felt the Lord placed us right here."  Then, God helped them find more land across the street.

When Cheryl's widowed aunt needed a new home away from the cold and snow of her home in Maine and closer to family, God answered her prayer through Cheryl and David.  They helped move a one-bedroom home onto the property.  After she passed away, they continued to use this "mission home" as a temporary shelter for Hurricane Katrina victims, as well as a home for family, friends, gospel workers, and others.  In 2021 the Marshall, Linden, Marietta-New Hope, and the Atlanta churches, and others met for a district church camp.  After their Sabbath morning service and a delicious potluck, two young men were baptized.  One of which is working his way through academy through literature evangelism.  David shared, "We never imagined we would see baptisms on this property.  Praise God we get to serve in this capacity."  Click here to watch the baptism and listen to the beautiful testimony. 
Have you considered how the Lord would have you use the assets He has entrusted you to create a living legacy? 

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Contact your team.

We specialize in helping single, married, divorced, young, old, men, women, rich, poor, couples, families, parents, pastors, and parishioners navigate through the complexity of estate planning.  Showing how a good estate plan can help families avoid unnecessary legal fees, discourage family feuds and ensure their wishes are carried out at the end of life.

During these times when disease, mass shootings, and natural disasters are all too common and a real threat, it is good to have your house in order and the legal documents that protect your assets, children, family, rights, and wishes.  Be intentional this week and take steps to take care of this today.  

Phone:  817-790-2255 ext. 2105 

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