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The Gift of Organization


Fireproof Safe and Cabinet Vendors

Fireproof  cabinets varry in size and cost.  Below are some options.

Consider this idea for storing and organizing your Will and other important legal documents

A "fireproof" or fire "resistant" filing cabinet is a good option to store a Trust, Will, healthcare and financial power of attorney (POA) documents, advance directives, and other important documents that are essential in an emergency.  Below you will find a printable file with 100+ tabs that will help catagorize your documents.  When time is of the essence this filing system may help you and your loved ones find your documents with ease.


  1. Print on card stock.

  2. Cut along the indicated lines. 

  3. Fold along the other indicated lines.   

  4. Attach to a hanging file 

Consider the following idea for preparing your documents for an emergency

In case of a medical emergency, having your healthcare and financial power of attorney (POA) documents and advance directives together, protected and handy is important.  A 2-pocket folder with fasteners may be a good solution to consider.  Place your POAs and Advance Directives in the folder pockets and store the folder in your filing cabinet.  You might find printing some or all of these other "My Estate Planning Folder" documents and section dividers helpful for you or yourloved ones. 

  1. Print what you need. 

  2. Hole-punch what your print.

  3. Attach the printed documents to the folder fasteners. 

This information is intended to help your friends and family who are caring for you during this crisis, understand your rights and theirs and weild these "tools" accordingly.  

blue-1294461_1280 (1).png

Click on Folder to Download PDF file of all documents.

  1. Biblical Counsel Section Divider

  2. Will and Trust​ Section Divider

  3. Ancillary Documents​​ Section Divider

  4. Beneficiary Designations Section Divider

  5. Other Section Divider

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