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AY Story: A Brief History of Youth Ministry in the Seventh-day Adventist Church



Chapter 1:  Our Beginnings (1800-1900)

A young person's story:  J.N. Loughborough

Chapter 2:  Exciting Expansion (1901-1915)

A young person's story: W.H. Branson

A country's song:  Romania-Dana, Pridie, Primary Contributor

Chapter 3:  A Durable Foundation (1915-1928)

Time Line part I

A young person's story - Richard Hayden

Chapter 4:  Grand Plans and Fast Growth (1928-1957)

Time Line part II

A young person's story - Pedro Mamani

Chapter 5:  The "Good Old Days"  (1957-1970)

A young person's story - Titu Ghejan

Chapter 6:  Changes Blowing in the Wind (1970-1990)

Time Line part III

A young person's story - Craig Luecke

Chapter 7:  Today's Adventist Youth Movement (1990-2005+)

Time Line part IV

A young person's story - Martha Yeseya

Chapter 8:  Foundation Stones for Future Youth Ministry

(New Millennial AY)  - Baraka Muganda


  1. Summary of General Conference Youth Department Personnel

  2. Footnotes to Chapter 1

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