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New Adventist Presence – Aiming to spread the 3 Angels Message by targeting an area currently without any Adventist presence. The plan is to employ a Bible Worker for one year as well as provide all the supplies and resources needed to hold Evangelistic reaping meetings to bring in the harvest. Approximate cost of $50,000 or to target 10 new communities $500,000.

Major City Evangelism – Preparation and execution of a large scale evangelistic campaign in one of Texas’ major cities (e.g. Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio), including ground work before, and follow-up afterward. Approximate cost for fliers, speaker, facility, materials, etc. $100,000.

Target Evangelism – Preparation and execution of 15 medium scaled evangelistic campaigns going on simultaneously within a specific geographical area of the Conference (e.g. East Texas, Central Texas, the Valley, etc.) primarily focused on reaping. Approximately costing $100,000.

Fresh Start Initiative – Aimed at revitalizing plateaued or declining churches by refocusing the leadership and membership spiritually. As many as 40 churches could go through the initiative for $50,000.

SWORD Bible Worker – Soul Winning, Out Reach, and Discipleship are the core principles of this 14-credit certification program available at Southwestern Adventist University. By undertaking this training, students would be qualified to serve as a Bible Worker and serve in still greater ways within the Conference and abroad. As many as 50 students could be sponsored for $50,000.

Reach the World Next Door – A specific training program for reaching refugees and immigrants, who are currently lacking Gospel outreach, right here in the state of Texas. As many as 7 students could begin Adventist work in these refugee/immigrant populations for $50,000, including material expenses.

Overseas Mission Work – An invitation to young adults to receive training and take the Gospel to far off countries such as Egypt, Algeria, Lebanon, Turkey, etc. This call would be to serve for 1 year, consisting of teaching English and working “underground” to share the Bible and the message of Jesus with any that may be open and interested. As many as 7 young adults could be sent overseas for $50,000.

Multiply “Texas” – Designed to target specific metropolitan areas (e.g. Austin, Tarrant County, the Valley, East Texas) and increase the Adventist presence within unreached population centers. The goal would be to plant 7 new churches in population centers of at least 100,000 in the targeted area. Estimated project cost is $350,000.

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