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Adventist Education

Adventist School Planting – Initiating Adventist education in areas that already have an Adventist presence but are currently too far from any Adventist school to send their children. Actual costs will vary, but $50,000 would be a significant “seed” to plant a teacher in the area and begin offering classes.

Chisholm Trail Academy – See specific Projects and Costs below:

  • Full Scale Gym Renovation – Provide a more efficient and better functioning meeting place for Alumni Weekend, Weekly Chapels, Music Concerts, Sporting, and other events held regularly within the facility. Specifically, renovation of the floors, including paint, finish, and seal, and renovation of the ceiling, including insulation and covering. Estimated project cost $75,000.

  • Complete Bathroom Renovation – Provide cleaner, safer, and better functioning bathrooms for students and visitors that come for physical education, intramurals, athletics, and other various programs held in the Gym. Estimated project cost $150,000.

  • Technology Upgrade – Aiming to reach and teach students in the 21st century through a 1-to-1 digital device instruction that provides each student with an iPad, case, and keyboard. The technology can be used for classwork, notes, projects, quizzes, tests, etc. Estimated project cost $55,000.

  • Complete Classroom Renovation – Upgrade and update everything from flooring, insulation, lights, fixtures, shelving, screens, and more, with the goal of ensuring relevant, clean, and effective classrooms for another 30+ years of quality education for students. Projected costs for all classrooms is between $300,000-$500,000.

  • Cafeteria/Auditorium Construction – Create a space for students and community to hold more intimate and worshipful events, such as Chapel, Week of Prayer, Choir and Band Concerts, Drama Presentations, Art and Fundraising Dinners, as well as doubling as a place for preparing and enjoying lunch on a daily basis. Estimated cost for this school addition is between $1,000,000-$3,000,000.

Special Needs Initiative – Aiming to provide the resources and knowledge to educate students with special needs within our Adventist schools. This private testing of students helps our teachers work with each one on an individual level based upon the students results. So far 40 students have benefited and another 55 could receive the same with support of $50,000.


Conroe Adventist Academy – $20,000 to improve extracurricular courses as described below:

  1. By developing sports programs such as Soccer, Basketball, and Flag Football.

  2. By offering music lessons for Stringed, Brass, Wind, and Percussion instruments (examples include Guitar, Trumpet, Flute, and Piano lessons).

  3. By starting indoor-on-campus gardens, in the form of “garden towers,” to be placed in each of the homeroom classrooms.

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